Retirement Plan

It’s no small matter to be entrusted with such hard-earned success.

Our clients work diligently to build their businesses. By partnering with Greenleaf Trust, we’re able to draw from Greenleaf's expertise as well as our own to make sure you, and your employees, are well taken care of.

Because Greenleaf Trust shares our view on personalized, relationship-based banking, it’s a partnership that works well for us — and even better for you.
  • Retirement Plan Services - A critically important benefit to any employee is a retirement plan. Greenleaf Trust offers comprehensive retirement plan services (401(k), profit sharing, etc.) along with reputable world-class service to help employers offer the very best retirement plan for employees.  

For more information, please contact our Greenleaf Trust representative, John Welch, at 616.234.1921 or You can also visit Greenleaf Trust online for additional information.