Personal BillPay Conversion Guide

New Personal BillPay from The Bank of Holland will be available December 13, 2011. This page contains tools to help you smoothly transition to the new system. Using the tools below will ensure that you are up and running on the new system as soon as possible!

Our new BillPay system has many great features including:

  • Same Day/Next Day Payments. Payments can often be received in as little as one business day and some payees even accept same day payments.
  • Receive eBills. Green, more convenient, more secure and easier to manage.
  • Automatic Payments. Great for bills that stay the same each month, like your rent and your car loan.
  • Completely safe. More secure than mailing paper checks.

Important Notes

It is very important to check to make sure that all your payees and any scheduled payments transferred properly to the new system. Some payees, including people to people and account transfers, may not automatically transfer.

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Conversion Checklist

Access Payee Data & Reports

People to People Payments

Collect Payee Data

eBill Vendor List

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