Schedule a Courier - Grand Haven

The days of rushing to the bank are over.

Our complimentary Courier Service is at your disposal Monday through Friday. We come to your office to pick up your banking transactions on a daily or as-needed basis. It's simple and secure.

  • By Phone - Call us at 616.935.1020 to schedule a regular pickup time. For an as-needed pickup, please provide notice before 9:00 a.m. on the day of the pickup.
  • OnLine - Fill out the following form and submit it. To have a regularly scheduled pickup, select your preference in the "Pickup Frequency" drop-down menu. To schedule an as-needed pickup, please submit the form by 9:00 a.m. on the day the pickup is needed.


  • Courier Procedures
    • All Deposit Pickups: In order to provide same-day processing for all our courier clients, we would appreciate your deposit being prepared at the time of pickup.
    • Cash Deposits: There are limits on the amount of cash allowable in any one days pickup. If you have any questions regarding the cash limit, please contact us.
    • Recordkeeping: For recordkeeping, we ask that you keep a copy of your deposit ticket. Please notify us with any discrepancies or issues as soon as possible.