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In this political season, we are hearing about the decline and fall of our country and its economic system.  While mostly rhetoric to excite potential voters and attack competitors, there is something to it.  After the second World War, the United States was the undisputed economic powerhouse in the entire world.  While the rest of the world spend a generation or more rebuilding their shattered economic and infrastructure we built strong companies and exported around the world.  We also made significant long term investments around the world that have paid off in many ways for generations.  As the rest of the world recovered from war and the global depression, their economic systems recovered as well and grew into significant competitors for United States based companies.  While we have continued to grow, they have grown faster from a much smaller base.  Some of these countries also have much larger populations which will ultimately lead to larger economies.  This article might help develop some perspective on our place in the emerging world order.  

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