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Rich introduced us to the idea of 'big data' in a blog posted June 26, 2013, "Sizing Up Big Data."  The New York Times article advanced the idea of data tools and techniques in the fields of science, politics, crime prevention, public health, and sports... and our significant increase in computational power.
A few months ago, Rich shared the article, "They're Watching You at Work" with me. The article described the application of big data to the labor market.  According to the article's author, Don Peck, "Predictive statistical analysis, harnessed to big data, appears poised to alter the way millions of people are hired and assessed."  Hmmm... Call me a skeptic. Can the use of algorithms and data replace the human, qualitative hiring practices I have used for 25-some years?
Peck argued quite convincingly that quantitative analysis and algorithmic assessment eliminate the biases and snap judgments of the traditional interview, thus quantitatively improving our hiring decisions. Academically, I am fascinated by the idea of 'people analytics.'   I'm still however, trying to get my arms around the idea of a robot recruiter replacing a really good human one. 
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