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We have just watched our elected officials temporarily avoid the financial cliff by increasing taxes and not dealing with imbedded government spending.  We have kicked the can down the road again and insured that the drama experienced over the last couple of months will continue well into 2013.  The fundamental problem continues to be that we want more government than we are willing to pay for with taxes of one kind or another.  This problem is not unique to our national budget, but is being experienced at the state and local level throughout the country as well as Japan, Europe, and other countries around the world. 
It is easy to complain about our elected officials, but what would you do to address our $1 trillion + annual deficits if someone made you king/queen for the day?  Attached to this post is a interactive calculator from the Wall Street Journal.  See how your ideas work in addressing this ongoing problem.  This process will probably underscore the difficulty of the task given politician’s desire to get re-elected and the citizen’s desire to continue government programs that benefit them.  Remember, one person’s pork is another person’s benefit or right. 

Interactive calculator, provided by the Wall Street Journal.

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