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Every ten years the Communist Party in China chooses a new slate of leaders.  China’s new leader, Xi Jinping recently drafted a sixty point document which is a blueprint for social and economic change over the next decade.  This sweeping document makes tactical concessions to individual rights and freedoms but clearly establishes the priority of state power and himself as the leader in the country.  He believes he is another in a long line of Chinese leaders with a mission to return the state to its golden era of wealth and power (the Chinese call it fuqiang) after a century of humiliation by imperialist poser that began with the First Opium War in the early 19th century. 
We have certainly witnessed the rise of China - their rising role in world events, their aggressive moves to consolidate access to raw materials around the world, a more aggressive posture toward their regional neighbors, and a rapidly growing economy.  There are also significant challenges in modern China from intellectual property issues, to rapid urbanization, to massive environmental problems, to a potential world class real estate bubble, to a restless emerging middle class. 
We have posted a number of articles on this blog about issues surrounding modern China.  We believe it is important for us all to understand the changes in the home to 20% of the world’s population and the world’s second largest and fastest growing economy.  It is going to have a profound impact on our country, our businesses, and our lives. 

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