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Hear from the founder of Lake Michigan Financial Corporation, Rich Lievense, and his insight on what this blog encompasses.

I have commented on the economic and political problems with Europe and the EURO in past blogs.  While the news reporting has recently quieted down, the problems within Europe are deep and difficult to solve.  Since the combined European economy is the largest in the world, any disruption will have far reaching effects on the remainder of the world.   These articles present a troubling view of the future of this important trading partner.  

Read More "Euro Trashed" from The Weekly Standard.

Read More "Europe's Odd Couple" from The New York Times.


We have all been listening to the importance of addressing our long term structural deficit in this country.  Politicians have been long on rhetoric but short on specifics.  If you want to try your hand in solving this problem go to The New York Times and check out their ‘Interactive Feature: Budget Puzzle’.  This site helps quantify the monetary impact of various tax and spending policies.  It also shows there are no easy answers to this difficult problem.  


Try the Budget Puzzle at The New York Times.

In the last decade, the American economy has been undone by a series a bubbles.  First was the dot com bubble, followed by the real estate bubble, and now, possibly, a gold and/or bond bubble.  A researcher at the Baylor College of Medicine believes this tendency might be hard wired in our brains.  

Read More Article Microscopic Microeconomics from The New York Times.

The United States is a country of immigrants.  Over our history, it has been a source of economic strength and many of our finest companies and best ideas were developed by immigrants.  We need to understand the benefits of and develop a mindset to gain the benefits from this competitive advantage as we compete for talent with other countries.  

Read More Article Immigrants Can Help Create More Jobs from The New York Times.

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