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Hear from the founder of Lake Michigan Financial Corporation, Rich Lievense, and his insight on what this blog encompasses.

The industrial revolutions of the 1700s and 1800s transformed the world.  They provided a way to improve significantly the Western standard of living in a way that was unprecedented.  There is a school of thought that this will dampen economic growth for a long period of time. Although I am personally more optimistic about our prospects, the attached article by Benjamin Wallace Wells raises interesting points.  You might find it interesting and helpful as we enter the fall strategic planning and budget preparation time. 

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Regular readers of this blog know I am concerned about the fiscal condition of our country and my belief we must deal with projected spending growth while we still have options.  I ran across a very interesting article written by Peter Orszag (former Obama Administration official) and John Bridgeman (Bush Administration official).  They contend we need to focus on how to spend money effectively versus the endless arguments we hear from Washington about the level of spending. They also propose how the lessons of moneyball could make our government better. 

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In light of the recent news about data mining by US government agencies and private companies, I have been searching for an article that describes what is going on with our online information.  I think the article by Steve Lohr fills the bill.  It is both understandable and chilling.  

Click to read the New York Times article, Sizing Up Big Data.

Follow the link below to another New York Times article that references some common sense steps that we all can take to protect our online lives.

Click to read, Ways to Make Your Online Tracks Harder to Follow
I am taking a chance with a very long article about oil production in the United States.  As you know from previous blog posts, I believe our new technologies to exploit oil and gas reserves are a game changer and will significantly improve our competitive position in the world.  The attached article discusses crystalline natural gas (also known as methane hydrate) which was discovered in the 1970’s.  This energy source is stored in broad shallow layers on continental margins.  By some estimates, it is twice as abundant as all other fossil fuel sources combined.  The technology is being developed to exploit this energy source.  I had never heard of this energy source and thought you might find this very interesting.

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