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Hear from the founder of Lake Michigan Financial Corporation, Rich Lievense, and his insight on what this blog encompasses.

Everything in business starts with a sale.  We all know we can improve on this important function.  Statistics tell us that 37% of all sales people are successful.  Perhaps this article can give you some hints for improving the overall sales effectiveness of your company. 


Read More Article, "Do You Really Know Who Your Best Salespeople Are?" from the Harvard Business Review.


A few years ago, our company started to implement an Employee Wellness Program.  We had a number of employees request a plan and we contracted with an outside provider.  It has been a wonderful success with excellent participation.  This article gives you some background information to help you decide if this is right for your company. 

Read More Article "What's the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs?" from the Harvard Business Review.


We have all been listening to the importance of addressing our long term structural deficit in this country.  Politicians have been long on rhetoric but short on specifics.  If you want to try your hand in solving this problem go to The New York Times and check out their ‘Interactive Feature: Budget Puzzle’.  This site helps quantify the monetary impact of various tax and spending policies.  It also shows there are no easy answers to this difficult problem.  


Try the Budget Puzzle at The New York Times.

Knowledgeable people tell us that coal will be a part (and probably expanding) part of our future.  There are promising technologies being developed to make this an environmentally friendly solution.  This article relates this technology with the implications of increased carbon dioxide levels. 

This is a long article but one that presents a balanced discussion of the energy and environmental implications of our increasing worldwide demand for energy. 

Read More Article Dirty Coal, Clean Future from The Atlantic.

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