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Hear from the founder of Lake Michigan Financial Corporation, Rich Lievense, and his insight on what this blog encompasses.

The current resurgence of manufacturing  is a wake-up call to clarify our strengths, channel our investments, and create a winning solution in a competitive world economy. 

Read "Manufacturing’s Wake-up Call" from Strategy + Business.

In matters of governmental self control, there is no real substitute for will-power.  IF we want to get our finances under control, we will need to elect adults to Congress and the White House to get spending in lines with revenues. 

Read "Washington Should Try a Little Prudent Self-Restraint" from The New York Times.

This article contains a few hard facts about our national debt. 

Read "A Short Primer on the National Debt" from The Wall Street Journal Online.

The U. S. auto industry is in a period of extraordinary transition as it addresses new drive trains, new designs and manufacturing processes, and a number of new global competitors.  Let’s hope they are up to the task. 

Read "Is the US Auto Industry Ready for Growth?" from Strategy + Business.

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