Founder and Chair – LMFC
Vice Chair – LMFC
President and CEO – LMFC
President & CEO – The Bank of Holland
SVP of Shared Services - LMFC

Rich Lievense

Founder and Chair – LMFC
Rich Lievense founded Lake Michigan Financial Corporation, the holding company for both The Bank of Holland and The Bank of Northern Michigan in 1998. Rich began his banking career working for community banks in Ohio and Missouri, eventually landing with a corporate bank as head of a large business unit. Rich then took a position as President of a bank in Holland, Michigan. After years in a “big bank”, Rich had a vision for a different kind of bank, one committed to providing all the services of a large bank while enjoying the culture of a community bank. This meant developing an environment of “doing what is right” for its clients, its employees and its communities.

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