Founder and Chair – LMFC
Vice Chair – LMFC
President and CEO – LMFC
President & CEO – The Bank of Holland
SVP of Shared Services - LMFC
Name: Leslie Lynch
Title: SVP of Shared Services - LMFC
Biography: Leslie joined Lake Michigan Financial Corporation as its head of shared services in 2012, happy to return to her ‘home state’ of Michigan. Her financial services background spans 20+ years, with prior experience in asset and wealth management, investment banking, and capital markets. Leslie’s background blends both sales and service, having spent part of her career ‘carrying a bag’ in the field and part in leading infrastructure departments and teams. Educationally, she has recently completed her doctorate degree in business and holds a graduate and undergraduate degree in business. Leslie lives in Grand Rapids and is active in the triathlon community.
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Name: Robert Dwortz
Title: President & CEO – The Bank of Holland
Biography: Robert Dwortz’s experience is on “both sides of the equation” with an extensive background in banking as well as launching and growing a successful real estate investment and advisory firm. He was named the President & CEO of The Bank of Holland in 2011 and is responsible for growing the Holland, Grand Rapids and Lakeshore Business Office. Previous to that, he was a Senior Vice President with National City Bank, now part of PNC Bank. Rob relocated from Southeast Michigan and previously worked in the Chicago market. He grew up in Western Michigan.
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Name: Garth Deur
Title: President and CEO – LMFC
Biography: Garth Deur joined Lake Michigan Financial Corporation (LMFC) in January 2007 as Executive VP of The Bank of Holland. He was named President and CEO of The Bank in Holland in January 2008 and recently was named President and CEO for Lake Michigan Financial Corporation. Prior to joining LMFC, Garth served in significant financial and business development roles with Gentex Corporation and JCI/Prince Corporation, two area manufacturing companies supporting the automotive industry. Garth began his career in 1982 as a CPA with Arthur Andersen and Company.
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Name: Bob Bleyaert
Title: Vice Chair – LMFC
Biography: Robert Bleyaert founded The Bank of Northern Michigan in Petoskey in 2000 after years of working with bigger banks. Bob wanted The Bank of Northern Michigan to serve as a full service community-based financial institution with employees committed to developing and maintaining high quality person to person banking relationships. In January, 2010, after serving as President and CEO of the bank for years, Bob transitioned to a role as Vice-Chair with Lake Michigan Financial Corporation, the holding company for both The Bank of Holland and The Bank of Northern Michigan.
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Name: Rich Lievense
Title: Founder and Chair – LMFC
Biography: Rich Lievense founded Lake Michigan Financial Corporation, the holding company for both The Bank of Holland and The Bank of Northern Michigan in 1998. Rich began his banking career working for community banks in Ohio and Missouri, eventually landing with a corporate bank as head of a large business unit. Rich then took a position as President of a bank in Holland, Michigan. After years in a “big bank”, Rich had a vision for a different kind of bank, one committed to providing all the services of a large bank while enjoying the culture of a community bank. This meant developing an environment of “doing what is right” for its clients, its employees and its communities.
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